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Navalia's occupation has already reach two-thirds of the Vigo's Exhibition Centre

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Although the sector in Spain is facing an extremely delicate moment, this fact confirms the bet that the companies are doing using the exhibition as an internationalization tool. The organization hopes to cover the total of the exhibition space with the promotional actions that will be done until the end of 2011. The fourth edition of the international exhibition of Vigo's Naval industry is serving the best prospects of the organization. Aware of the delicate moment that the sector is facing in our country, pending between other aspects of a new model of tax-lease, the commercial Department confirmed this Monday the occupation of two of the three pavilions of the Vigo's Exhibition centre.
It is therefore, an excellent news for NAVALIA 2012 and confirms the bet that the companies are doing for this exhibition as an internationalization tool and meeting point for business.
In most of the cases the old exhibitors confirms their new participation in the Vigo Hall increasing the exhibition meter to show their new products but also requesting more space for business meetings during the event and inside their own stand.
the organization hopes to cover almost all the "IFEVI" floor plan thanks to the promotional actions which they will carried out until the end of the year and will take NAVALIA's name to Holland China or Taiwan
On the other hand and looking on 2012, they are working already in business meetings with Angola Brazil and Mexico, emerging countries in shipbuilding that not have been chosen at random but for the big bet that their Governments are doing in this sector. Finally they has already made some formal requests to business associations and chambers of Commerce to carry out several commercial trade missions during the event which will be held from the 22 to the 24th of may 2012.
The Vigo's event will try to offer in this edition new attractions to exhibitors, professionals and visitors with the Organization of the II International Symposium of energy efficiency E-FISHING, and various technical journeys including those dedicated to the installation of offshore wind farms and more specifically to the construction of new vessels to facilitate the creation of these offshore fields, in which both Galician shipyards and auxiliary industry have demonstrated their important leadership on last years.

Promotional calendar for November
As it referred above the fourth edition of NAVALIA continues its calendar of worldwide promotional actions, the next stop will be the Maritime Rotterdam Europort exhibition which will be held from 8 to 11 November. This is one of the most important naval industry event, and meets every two years the professionals of the main shipping companies, and also all the sectors of the shipbuilding industry. The NAVALIA technicians Agendas during this event have meetings with European delegations to ensure its presence in Vigo for 2012. they will try to repeat the Convention signed at the last Edition with the Holland Marine Equipment, association that represents Dutch maritime suppliers and to which they are affiliated about 200 companies, that on last edition brought 20 companies to the Vigo's exhibition.
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