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21st to 23rd of May 2024

Navalia will carry out more than twenty promotional acts for its new edition

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The working plan will made their organisers to travel as they go all around the world 3 times. The event is thinking in creating the brand "Galician Naval Sector", with the aim of being recognized by its own all over the world, and not only through companies that, in a individual way, already has prestige in the market. To gain exhibitors and international visitors, to promote abroad and to create the brand "Galician Naval Sector"; these are the four basic pillars in which the new Actuation Plan of Navalia 2012 is established. The Actuation Plan was presented this afternoon by the Exhibition president, José Francisco González Viñas, in an event in which he was with the Mayor of Vigo, Abel Caballero and the Regional Ministry of Economy and Industry, Javier Guerra.

The planning wants to locate the event from Vigo as an international reference of first division, due to after three editions Navalia has turned into the first top Naval Exhibitions in Spain and into the fourth world top in its sector. During his participation, the president of Navalia emphasized the importance of the Galician Naval Industry "that go through frontiers with the guarantees of being able of build specialized vessels with a high technology level".

"Being aware of the high competitiveness that surrounds the sector and the need of continue growing in order not to loose the place occupied now by the Galician naval industry" explained Viñas, the organizers will work on four basic aims. The first of them is to gain exhibitors. The promotion of Navalia tries to find new companies interested in invest in Vigo, that offer its products but that also generate employment and wealth in Galicia. The challenge is to exceed the numbers reached in the last year edition, which gather more than 75 countries.

On the other hand, the job of Navalia for next months will be focus also in gaining international visitors. Nowadays the extra European visitors are the ones who look for new markets to invest in. Furthermore, buyers look for new suppliers to trust in and here it is where our auxiliary industry and our shipyards can stand out.

The third pillar of this plan is the promotion abroad. The presence of Navalia in international markets, through trade missions or participating in other exhibitions, has achieved to keep in contact Galician companies with other companies in other markets. Navalia's booth and its meeting agenda are opened to all the companies interested in each markets for free. Until May 2012, Navalia's team will do 20 promotional acts, in which they will travel more than 108.000 kilometers that means, to travel around the world three times. During these travels it is foreseen to achieve an average of 840 commercial contacts. On the other hand, and once Navalia open its 2012 edition doors, the aim is to achieve a turnover of 7.000 millions Euros thanks to the agreements reached before, during and after the exhibition. In this sense the Navalia's president also says "Navalia not only help us to place our industry, but also means an important promotion of Vigo". During three days Navalia's exhibitors and visitors will expend around 15 million Euros in our city.

Finally, the Actuation Plan considers the creation of the brand "Galician Naval Sector", a project that born with the intention of being turned into an indebted brand all over the world. To make this aim possible, the referring country is Holland, placed for several years as the bastion of the naval sector for electronic materials. Navalia wants to turn into the liaison between the visitor countries and our brands, in order to Galician Naval Sector can enter in other international markets with a distinguished business card.
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