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The Navalia Executive Committee meeting

The Executive Committee’s first meeting The Executive Committee held its first meeting to organize Navalia 2008, the 2nd International Shipbuilding and Maritime Industry Exhibition in Vigo: (20 to 22 May 2008).

During the meeting aims were established to make the 2nd International Shipbuilding and Maritime Industry Exhibition a major reference point in Europe. Navalia sets out to function as a promotional and business tool for the marine industry sector and to promote the Galician sector in particular, which is going through one of its best periods to date.

200 exhibitors from 30 countries were present in Navalia 2006. Some 8,000 professionals in the sector passed through the 25,000 m² floor space to get a first hand view of the best in the Spanish marine industry.

Navalia 2008, which is a fair for professionals in the sector, receives executive support from Caixanova, the Pontevedra Business Confederation and the Vigo Chamber of Commerce. It also collaborates with a consulting committee consisting of experts in naval construction and auxiliary industries at a national level.

Jose Francisco Gonzalez Viñas, president of the Navalia executive committee and president of H de J Barreras shipbuilders, confirmed in the first meeting that the good period for Galician shipyards is a result of the high degree of specialisation (superior to Asian shipbuilders), high technology levels and the excellent quality of the craft constructed there. Another factor is the high demand coming from some of the largest shipping companies in the world. Barreras has started constructing the first of four seismic vessels for the Eastern Echo Group. The vessels, which are 90 metres in length, will be equipped with the latest technology for locating petroleum deposits.

Another moment to be savoured in the sector, especially for the Vigo sector, is the Vigo Centre for Marine Repairs. The centre consists of 55 companies directly or indirectly related to the marine industrial sector, and the objective is to make it an international repair centre that makes full use of the potential offered by the geographical location of the ria de Vigo. The CRNV is an initiative set in motion by the president of the Xunta, who was able to obtain a partial advance loan from the Galician Institute for Economic Promotion to put the project on track. The managing director of IGAPE, Alvaro Alvarez-Blaquez signalled his commitment to the sector by supporting the creation of the centre. The CRNV will focus its activity on the market in general cargo vessels, which makes up approximately 40% of the maritime traffic passing through the Finisterre shipping corridor.

Jose Dominguez, president of the Marine Industry Group, affirmed that the sector must continue to work hard to reach and go beyond the 2012 dateline for the change in cycle. Jose Ramon Fuertes is the Managing Director of the Fishing Vessel Owners’ Cooperative of the Port of Vigo. The ARVI became the second largest Spanish social company in 2006 and reached a turnover of 5,300 million Euros. He asked for more support for the fishing sector so as not to lose out to the emerging countries, especially after the good results obtained recently.

The executive committee of Navalia is presided over by Jose Francisco Gonzalez Viñas, president of the Barreras Shipyards. The committee consists of Jose Luis Pego Alonso, Managing Director of Caixanova, as vice president; Ramon Bua, General Secretary of the Pontevedra Business Confederation; Jose M. Fernandez Alvariño,President of the Pontevedra Business Confederation; Jose Garcia Costas, President of the Vigo Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation; Luis Lara Rubido, Director of the Vigo Port Authority; Laudelino Alperi Baragaño, Director of Armon Shipyards; Alvaro Alvarez-Blazquez Fernandez, Managing Director of IGAPE; Fernando Xavier Blanco Alvarez, Councillor for Innovation and Industry; Jose Dominguez Alvarez, President of Aclunaga; Jose Ramon Fuertes, Managing Director of the Fishing Vessel Owners’ Cooperative of the Port of Vigo; Juan Güell Cancela, Co-Director of GBDosvalor; Jose Mª Hidalgo, President of ASIME; Bonifacio Logares, President of the Pontevedra Cosignatories Association; Ruben Lopez Lopez, Manager of the Provigo Foundation; Francisco Lopez-Peña, Special State Delegate of the Vigo Zona Franca Consortium; Albino Moran, President of Albino Moran; Jose Enrique Pereira, Councillor Delegate of the Pereira Group; Jose Siveira Cañizares, President of the Nosa Terra XXI Group; Javier Tena Garcia, Territorial Director of Commerce and Icex Delegate in Galicia; D Javier Diaz Arnau, Director of Navalia as secretary.

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