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19th to 21st of May 2026


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TOURIÑO PRAISES THE IMPORTANCE OF THE NAVAL INDUSTRY AS AN STRATEGIC SECTOR FOR GALICIA The president of the Regional Goverment of Galicia, Mr. Emilio Perez Touriño, received the members of Navalia, headed by his president, D. Jose' Francisco González Vines, yesterday in the Parliament from Galicia.Other personalities present in the meeting were: D. José García Costas (President of the Chamber of Commerce of Vigo), D. Juan Güell (President of the CFVIGO), D. José Enrique Pereira (delegated Advisor of Pereira Shipbuilder) and D. José Luis Pego (Attached Director of Caixanova). During his presentation, Mr. Viñas, also president of the Shipyard Barreras, exposed the good situation that Galician shipyards are going through, as they represent more of 55% of the naval production of Spain and they employ more of 50% of the workers who directly take care of the Spanish naval industry. Also he sublined that the fair will coincide with the best historical moment of the naval construction in Spain, among other reasons, due to the height of the international transport of merchandise by sea, that grows 4 points over the capacity of the shipyards of the world. This allows the Galician sector to be a international refferent for the shipbuilders of countries like Iceland, Norway, Finland, and allows competition with the great Asian colossuses. During the reception offered by the president of the Galician government, Touriño emphasized the importance of the industrial potential of the south of Galicia, making a clear bet for the sharpshooting industries located in Vigo and its area of influence. Also he showed his total predisposition to begin a specific plan of formation that allows the companies to have a qualified staff to make functions as different as welding, electricity, etc. Formation is a basic component that will allow the companies to maintain their competitiveness and will also serve to attract new investments towards Galicia.
Navalia will be celebrated from the 23 to the 25 of May of 2006, and foresees the presence of more than 300 exhibitors, 10,000 professional visitors coming from more than 30 nationalities.
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