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Galician government meets NAVALIA to transfer IFEVI’s plans for expansión

The works will start next March and will last approximately six months

The Director General of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, Manuel Heredia, the Director of the Galician Infrastructure Agency, Francisco Menéndez, and the territorial delegate of the Galician government in Vigo, Marta Fernández-Tapias, met with the management of Navalia with the aim of achieving a perfect coordination between the execution of the works of extension of the IFEVI with the calendar of events of the enclosure, among which is the shipbuilding exhibition.

In this technical meeting the representatives of the Regional Administration explained that the plan of work previews to enable new exhibition area to the four months and a half of the beginning of the actions, which will last a total of six months and are expected to start next March.

For his part Javier Arnau, director of Navalia, transferred to the competent authorities the concern of fair about the necessary spaces for the assembly. "We have explained the complexity of our event in terms of assembly. Most of the pieces that are exhibited in Navalia are of great tonnage and very voluminous, so it is important that, in addition to the expansion, accesses are considered. It is necessary to have ample spaces for trucks to transport these parts and move them correctly to the different pavilions”.

The new constructed area will reach 6,572.80 m2, of which 5,536.05 m2 correspond to the expansion and another 1,036.75 m2 with the reform of the existing building. In parallel, new sports infrastructure will also be implemented, with a running straight of 60 meters in length and six streets, in addition to four differentiated areas for the practice of long and triple jump, weight toss, pole vault and high jump.

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