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Ganomagoga group returns to shipbuilding industry by buying Wärtsilä Vigo

Cedval Marine Solutions founds the company from Vigo and gets the 2.300 m² industrial plant from the Finish multinational -they have got orders of 17 million

Ganomagoga has decided to invest heavily in shipbuilding industry and they have just bought the old Cedervall factory in the city of Vigo, that since 2011 was part of the Finish company Wärtsilä (Wärtsilä Ibérica, will continue with O Porriño’s factory). With a 1 million Euro invest, the company with head office in Ponteareas has created Cedval Marine Solutions, get integrated on the group with a 2,300 m industrial plant, 15 workers and ongoing orders. Ganomagoga folds back, with this movement, a know-how shipbuilding industry related and new productive processes from a company used to invoice boiler works pieces for ocean liners, as Oasis class, the biggest in the world. A turnover of 25 million Euro is the company’s objective this year directed by Cándido González.

Shipbuilding industry oriented, Ganomagoga was born in 1974, but over the years they were focusing on renewable energies production, both in the Aeolic (manufacturing towels and, in the subsidiary Aplimega in O Porriño, they get painted) and in biomass plants. In the latter, the company from Ponteareas has already participated in around ten installations and nowadays are manufacturing the biomass park of the Galician Grenalia in Curtis, un order of 5 million Euro. Moreover, they manufacture metallic structures of all kind – they took part on the IFEVI enlargement and got to do a roller coaster – they work for different industries, especially for automotive.

Cedval was born as an invest of growth and to take advantage of shipbuilding resurface. Passage boats, oceanographic boats and fishing boats are feeding Galician shipyards and there is a strong demand on boiler works. The industrial plant, placed in Fragosiño area- counts on other 2,460 sqm without building on rent-, get Ganomagoga closer to Vigo. They also add sector’s specific machinery (as three positioners for welding, horizontal or material dams) and also orders: nozzles, horns and rudders, the latter for USA Defence boats. By buying Wärtsilä the company becomes also in the main customer of the multinational company in matters of boiler works.

“It means to go back to the shipbuilding sector, that is nowadays in a good moment”, explains Bastián Barral, the company’s new Deputy manager. As he mentioned, Ganamogoga’s intention is to “optimise productive effort” and to bet for “diversification”. “We are a service company focused on customers, they always return as they call people they trust”, sums up Mr Barral.

Ganomagoga closed last year with a turnover of 14 million Euro. The group has got 230 workers (in average) and their main aspiration before doing this purchase was to get up to 25 million on turnover. In Cedval case, it is foreseen to contribute with between 3 and 4 million per year to the group.

Right now, the company has orders valuable on 17 million Euro (signs and ongoing) for firms like Gestamp, PSA Madrid, Windar, Greenalia, Benteler… And also, ENCE. In this sense, from Ganomagoga are afraid of losing orders by 2 million Euro with Celolosa industrial plant in Pontevedra due to the uncertainty about their future grants.

(Source: Faro de Vigo)

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