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Unlimited data and Wi-Fi on board using smartphones and personal tablets: already possible thanks to the VSAT service of NAUTICAL

VSAT systems offer the market the most advanced technology in terms of maritime satellite communications..

NAUTICAL has a full portfolio of VSAT technologies and services for fishing vessels. All offers are based on the well-known COBHAM Sailor antennas and modern below deck equipment to obtain the best performance of the service.

The service offers unlimited access to Internet, allowing the use on board of different monitoring systems, weather applications, buoys applications, corporate email, web browsing services and many other applications as WhatsApp and social media. VSAT systems also allow simultaneous voice calls while surfing Internet.

All systems and accessories are installed and configured according to the requirements of each shipowner and each vessel.

In Ku band NAUTICAL offers the service through 60cm, 80cm and 1m antennas and airtime packages with flat data rate in both global and regional coverage in the main fishing grounds to adapt to any type of vessel.

In Ka band they offer global coverage through Inmarsat Fleet Xpress service, which includes unlimited data and FleetBroadband back-up in a single monthly fee in both 60cm and 1m antennas, and a regional coverage covering the entire Mediterranean and the area of fishing of Gran Sol with the satellite Thor 7 that allows to have unlimited data on board from only 250 € per month.

Due to Navalia show, VSAT orders formalized between May 1 and June 30 may benefit from special airtime conditions and obtain a technological gift.

NAUTICAL is a company dedicated to Engineering, Development, Supply, Installation, Training, Maintenance and Service of Marine Electronic Equipment. The portfolio includes Communications, Navigation, Fishing, Detection, Safety and Steering. The attended markets are Fishing, Merchant and government fleets. NAUTICAL has own branches in Madrid, Vigo, Bilbao, Las Palmas, Barcelona, Bermeo, Ribeira, Abidjan (Ivory Coast), Manta (Rep. del Ecuador), Panamá (Rep. De Panamá) and Mahé (Seychelles Islands). NAUTICAL is a member of Grupo Arbulu (marine electronics) and will be present at Navalia as exhibitor in the D06 stand.

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