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Freire signs a new oceanographic project and consolidates itself as a sector referee

Freire Shipyard (Construcciones Navales Paulino Freire) performed yesterday the delivery ceremony in the commercial pier of Vigo. Guillermo Freire, general manager, has taken in advance this opportunity to announce the new oceanographic project.

“We could be announcing it within the following weeks, which does not mean 100 % sure it will happen, but it looks good”, he said. It would be the 7th investigation boat built at Vigo’s facilities, where nowadays the boat from Saudi Arabia is.

BAP Carrasco belongs now -officially- to the Marine Corps of Peru. “El Carrasco, as we know it here”, means “the strengthening” of the shipyard within “the state of art technology at oceanographic building” pointed Freire´s manager. Not for nothing, the ship has already waked up a great speciation among other country armies, “interested in similar ships”, either from Latin America or from all over the globe. 

With assured work “up to April 2019”, the shipyard is building in this moment the training ship KRI BIMA SUCI for Indonesia, the oceanographic for Saudi Arabia (sheet cut took place beginning this month) and due to build two trawlers for Greenland.

“National Pride”
BAP Carrasco delivery ceremony has begun at 10.00 in the morning under an intense rain and with the nonstop memories of the flooding American country suffers. Marine Corps of Peru General Manager, the vice admiral James Thornberry, said in response to express the “satisfaction to reach this day”. “The product reflects the high level of well gained prestige of the Vigo’s naval industry”, pointed out before adding that it is a “National Pride”.

The ship budget was of €79,2 Million and It was created to do scientific investigation works within the Latin-American country coast and the Antarctic continent. It has 95’3 m length and 18 m beam, its capacity gets up to 110 people and a minimum speed of 16 knots. “A technologic jewel for the naval engineering, and from the point of view of the hydrographic, oceanographic and scientific equipment” pointed Guillermo Freire out.

The event count on the presence of José Antonio García, Peru ambassador in Spain, and of Francisco Conde, Economy Counsellor, who informed that the oceanographic is a “noticeable evidence of the naval contracts gains momentum”. At the same time, Abel Caballero, Vigo’s Major indicate that BAP Carrasco is “a sailing jewel, built from the co-operation”.

Freire Shipard’s experience in this kind of ships comes from many years before. BAP Carrrasco is the fifth investigation boat, nevertheless, Sarmiento de Gamboa was which catapulted the shipyard as a referee in an international level. It was followed by the not less well-known British RRS Discovery- chosen by popular vote as the most distinguished ship built in Spain in 2013- and Janan delivered in 2011 to the University of Catar.

Moreover, the shipyard was awarded a strengthen hull Oceanographic for India of 130 m length, and an investigation boat (54’8 m) for Kuwait. Both ships are waiting for coming into force.

(Source: Faro de Vigo)

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