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Bimotor announces the formalization of its mandate for the distribution of FPT Engines and Spare Parts on the Spanish and Portuguese markets.

Bimotor is a company born in the eighties in Italy to meet the demands of the emerging market of industrial and marine engines, which, at that time, were distributed under the AIFO brand.

Under the lead of two families, who share the same philosophy and the same entrepreneurial approach, based on "solid and simple structure of shareholders with a clear strategic vision and a streamlined decision-making process", Bimotor became the official distributor of the Iveco engine brand for the whole Northern Italy in 2004, to eventually embrace the FPT Industrial brand in 2010. In the last years, the successful results have convinced the parent company to entrust Bimotor with a larger area, which also includes France, Slovenia and Croatia.
Today the company consists of about 60 people, divided into the following three locations:
the historical one of Ciriè, near Turin, where all business functions, Logistics and Administration, Human Resources and Quality Department, Engines Sales and Spare Parts, Workshop to lead Service activities and the Engine Production and Assembly Line are located;
the one in Marghera, near Venice, specialized in the marine field, which contains all business functions to be self-sustainable in this specific field of application;
the last one based in Brignais, near Lyon, which follows the French market, for engine and spare parts sale, and to guarantee the proper level of service and after sales support
The total turnover (including spare parts and engines sales and services) in 2015 has exceeded 46 million €, of which about 8.3 million € comes from Spare Parts. In 2015, Bimotor sold about 5,000 engines, for the following different applications: Power Generation, Off-Road, On-Road and Marine
One of the key of Bimotor success is linked to its capability to dress the engine according to customer needs. More than 2,000 engines are modified and personalized, on the yearly base, with specific components and special applications, designed and produced by Bimotor.
In the relationship with the customer, Bimotor aims to provide a service based on High Quality Standards, which may be summarized in the following four bullets:
the first one is the pre-sales technical support, essential value to properly begin a solid and constructive joint cooperation. The customer must be "driven" in the engine selection to find out the best solution to fulfill its requirements and to match its application. It seems to be easy but depending on application, the performance of each specific engine should be considered. Based upon the choice, it is the task of Bimotor the development of specific components to meet the customer needs.
The second, very important to satisfy the needs of a fast market like the one we are living in, is the product’s availability. The engine is only one component of a much more complex equipment, such as a vessel or a self-propelled operating machine. Such a specific system cannot wait for a long time a component that is necessary for its operation. This is the reason that led Bimotor to have a stock of about 1,800 engines, of which at least 100 marine, and spare parts as well, for a value of around 3Mln€, which allows to satisfy the most demanding requirements. We are very proud to say that “Bimotor has the largest stock of Europe”.
The third, more and more important with the new emissions regulations, is related to the installation checks and validation tests, to be carried out on the machines, to get approval for the serial start of production. The installation of what we called “new generation” engine on a complex machine required a series of notions and controls. It is mandatory to carry out a series of stress tests to assess and approve the installation of the engine on the vessel rather than a self-propelled machine.
Last, but not least, the supply of original spare parts and after-sales service. The vast majority of specific machines and equipment produced in our countries work more and more often in non-European countries. The use of genuine parts in carrying out scheduled maintenance plans is vital to ensure the customer warranty extensions to 4 and 5 years. The after sales service network, let me say the local dealer or service point, is the last link of the chain but it is the most important one, given the proximity to the end customer, providing of a comprehensive and reliable service.
On this basis, Bimotor started about ten years ago to work here in Spain and Portugal, beginning to serve some small customers of PG market which, we are proud to say, together with us, became Market leader.
Currently Bimotor distributes in Spain about 1000 engines / year. And we want to grow. The most substantial part currently consists of "Off-the Shelf Products": Spain is the land of G-Drive. Immediate delivery is essential. The sprinkler industry is growing with the same criteria.
The industrial / agricultural sector, based on our mappings, consists of extremely dedicated and specific products (feeding mixers, loaders, special binders, on road vehicles and construction machines), where Bimotor is providing the Iberian market the experience previously gained in Italy, dealing with applications, even complex, requiring engines from Stage 3A/Euro III till the current Stage 4/Euro VI.
The marine sector has seen us till now active mainly in the Commercial field (fishing vessel, river cleaning or transport boats), with excellent results in the repowering of existing vessels; as well Bimotor managed to prove its own professional skills in the pleasure market as well, providing FPT engines for some important projects with well-known Shipyards.
Bimotor distributes FPT propulsion marine engines from in the range of 85-650CV for professional applications and from 100 till 825 CV for recreational applications. Bimotor provides also OnBoard Gensets in the range of 40 to 300kVA, certificated for such use.
As you can appreciate, by visiting our booth, FPT marine range is based on the three engine families F1, NEF4 and 6 cylinders, Cursor 9 and 13. During the last decade, FPT engines have been used to equip ships and vessels of states and military bodies, including Italy, France and England. They equipped as well ferries, private and public transportation vessels, for passenger and goods (for example, the ATCV fleet in Venice is equipped with FPT engines). The Italian Inland Navigation Company exploits the performance characteristics and the reliability of the NEF and Cursor engines. If the professional field is very familiar with the quality features of FPT engines, the pleasure market appreciates the performance characteristics of these engines. FPT showpiece are the various records earned worldwide in endurance events. The "MONTE CARLO - VENICE SPEED RECORD" in 2011 and "NEW YORK - BERMUDA SPEED RECORD" in 2012 are just some of the awards that the boats, equipped with FPT engines, have achieved over the past years.
Based on FPT product quality and our "Customer Oriented" approach, we are sure to serve Spanish customers, ensuring a high standards service level. To be close to the end customer, Bimotor intends to develop specific collaboration agreements with local players, highly reliable and well-known in the area. We must know the market to be able to fulfill requests accordingly. The first example of this strategy is the commercial and technical partnership established with our colleague Talleres Luis Piñeiro, whom we thank very much for the collaboration in the preparation of this event. His support has been really valuable to understand what are the basic requirements of the Galician market.
This strategy will soon be implemented on the entire Iberian Peninsula, including the islands. We want to become Spanish. We want to be one of you. We want to think like you, to be able to win your trust and convey our determination.
Thanking you for your attention, I invite you again to visit our stand where my colleagues are waiting for you to begin to share a long way to common success. We are ready to start with the determination that distinguishes us and with the awareness that we can meet your needs. We are not perfect but we are honest, transparent, professionally prepared to analyze with you all your demands, to find together the best solutions to be excellent from the quality point of view and economically sustainable for the end user.

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