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Navalia is working on an international shipowners meeting to support the fishing industry

The Executive Committee of the fair held a new meeting attended by the CEPESCA General Secretary, Javier Garat, this morning. Furthermore, they shared the new figures of occupation that are around 85% of the space provided.

The fishing industry held a new meeting organized by the Executive Committee of Navalia this morning, a fair to be held from the 24 to 26 May 2016 at the Instituto Ferial de Vigo. The CEPESCA General Secretary, Javier Garat, attended today's meeting. He could know first hand the new project in which the organization has been working for months: an international meeting of owners to support the fisheries sector. In spite of no big renewal of the fishing fleet is expected in Spain and Europe at the moment, the International Exhibition of the Naval Industry wishes to contribute to a better specialisation and modernisation of vessels and their professionals.

In this regard, the Executive Committee members of the event showed Garat the success, as an example, of the E-fishing Congress, related to energy efficiency on fishing boats, has obtained in the last six years. E-fishing first was held with the aim of improving the rational use of fuels, generating savings on the price, as well as a higher performance of ships. Navalia 2016 will host a new edition of this event, which certainly will attract the attention of many shipowners worldwide.

Therefore, Garat's visit served to ask for their assistance on this international shipowners meeting. Javier Garat is also the President of the Association of National Organisations of Fishing Enterprises in the EU (Europêche) as well as President of the European Fisheries Technology Platform (TVET) so his knowledge of fishing, strategic sector in Galicia and Vigo, is extensive. Garat's participation in this meeting coincided with the incorporation into the Navalia Executive Committee of the new president of the Port Authority of Vigo, Enrique Lopez Veiga, also with a remarkable knowledge in the fisheries sector.

The working lunch also served to know the latest ocuppancy data of the fair, now above 85% of the fairgrounds. Again, the figure is positive and fills the company with satisfaction, which bodes well, not only in terms of occupation but by the signs of recovery the naval sector in Galicia is slowly showing.

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