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Heading efficiency in Navalia 2014

ABB will introduce in Navalia 2014, the international marine industry exhibition, its new solutions to improve the ease of use, profitability and energy efficiency in the sector, that include the most compact and efficient models, low voltage products and electrical interconnections solutions from vessels to shore. Aware of the challenging future ahead of the marine sector, ABB as an expert supplier of power and automation solutions for more than a century, has developed a broad portfolio of solutions that address the present challenges of the sector, and at the same time adapt the vessels to the market of the future, making them more profitable, safer, and with enhanced onboard capacity.

ABB will introduce in Navalia (May 20-22) that will take place in the Vigo exhibition site (IFEVI), its new generation of products and systems designed to improve the energy efficiency, ease of use, and onboard capacity of any type of vessel.
New Power2 turbocharger

Among the latest advances shown, Power2 new turbocharger stands out. It has been designed with a versatile two steps supercharger system that is very useful for different applications, such as energy plants and the marine sector. Its innovative design allows air supercharging pressure of up to 12, even with very high turbocharging efficiencies, improving the performance of the Miller extreme cycles in four strokes engines, and reducing polluting emissions.

Likewise, with the aim of easing electrical connections from vessels to shore, ABB will introduce its wide range of services, including all electrical infrastructures onboard and on shore, that will enable, among other advantages, reduced vibrations, lower emissions in port, and the efficient and accurate detection and repair of the possible failures in the vessels.

With respect to services, a new service concept will be introduced: the Remote Diagnostic Service (RDS). This solution is tailored to the needs of the marine sector and helps to make the operations safer and more efficient in the vessel, since it provides accurate and relevant information about the root causes of the failures in the vessel. Besides, ABB has a wide portfolio of services that guarantee a global reach 24/7 for the peace of mind of the customer.

Concerning low voltage products, ABB will introduce a number of new products, like Emax 2 circuit breakers, that due to their more compact size reduce the overall dimensions of the electric panel, increasing the available space onboard and the safety, due to the fact that they include specific generation protection relays. The new AF range of breakers Star II will also be introduced. These include the biggest electronic coil in the market, and ensure their operation even in the case of unstable electrical networks, due to the wide range of the coil.
Emax2 family

The third great innovation in low voltage products that ABB will introduce is the new Mistral distribution boxes series, that combines versatility, efficiency, design and diversity. These contactors comply with the main international and local standards, and improve the logistics thanks to their increased functionality.

Concerning the automation of the processes, ABB will exhibit in Navalia its AC500 platform, its CP600 terminals, and the DigiVis software. These tools enable the easy supervision of the whole environment in the vessel.

Those who want to know first hand this technology innovations can visit the ABB stand in Navalia 2014 (B17), or ask for a meeting with the ABB staff in Navalia though the suitable form.

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