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The fishing sector and International visits star in the second day of NAVALIA 2012

Sinaloa (Mexico) and Uruguay delegations find in Galicia big possibilities to carry on strategic alliances The second day of NAVALIA 2012 has had as main figures the fishing sector and the different international visits as delegations. The most obvious indication was the booth of the Vigo's Chamber of Commerce that was in charge of organizing the business meetings.
Early in the morning, Rosa Quintana, Regional Minister of Environment and Sea, inaugurated the conferences of Asociación de Ingenieros Navales y Oceánicos titled Current Fishing Scenario. Quinana bet for the union of efforts and synergies between fishing and shipbuilding, because she considers, it is a need for Galicia. The regional minister emphasized the importance of both sectors because its capability of generate economic activity within the sea-industry sector.
At 13 h., there was a reception to Uruguay and Sianloa (México) delegations. The last one leaded by Rafael Lizarraga, Sub secretary of Economic Promotion of the Government of the State of Sinaloa. He explained that they are sure that both countries could carry on strategic alliances, because his government intention is to reactivate the naval cluster. Lizarraga emphasized that Sinaloa concentrated the most part of the tuna and prawn fleet of the country, and "for us an alliance that provide us technology and advising is important". "Sinaloa has shipyards and the Galician industry needs workload", he explained, so they are closing a business meeting of the sector supported by Navalia.
There was also important a Cape Verde delegation that visited the exhibition centre as well as the Xunta's booth.

The edition 2012 of Navalia welcome the Off-shore Day, a series of conferences that wants to promote the potential that Galician shipyards and ancillary industry have shown last years in this field. María Tersa Doviso, from GB Dos Valor, gave a conference about new renewable marine energies, specifically the wind marine. Doviso revised the international situation of this energy, explaining the wind marine sector.
The European wind energy industry has developed a 10 years research and development program. With a 6.000 millions Euros budget (50% given by the industry) it is call European Wind Initiatives and its aim is to maintain Europe as leader of wind energy as onshore as offshore.

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