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21st to 23rd of May 2024

NAVALIA 2012 will organize the Off-shore Day first edition

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In the exhibition assembly that is being advanced so quickly, participate around 350 people that is working since Wednesday. In its aim of "being something more" that an exhibition, and thanks to its innovative character, the NAVALIA 2012 organization will inaugurate next week the first edition of the Off-shore Day, that will be held the 4th of May in the Port of Vigo conference room. With this conference, organizers wants to make known the potential that shipyards and Galician ancillary industry have shown last years in this field. Marine wind energy has, according experts, a promising future over all in countries with high population density. In this sense, we would like to emphasize the conference given by the group from Vigo GB Dos Valor, about the new marine renewable energies, especially the wind marine. The call for papers had such a success that some companies will not participate because there will be no time enough.

This programme will join to the II Symposium of Energy Efficiency, E-fishing, the biennial conference about the energy efficiency in the fishing world. The symposium will present the website of the European Commission about energy efficiency in fisheries, apart from several conferences from high level researchers from Norway, Denmark, Italy, France, Russia, Holland, USA and Spain.

Today the assembly work is still happening, in which 350 people is working with the aim of everything will be finished for the 22nd of May when the exhibition will receive the visit of more than 25.000 people.

The Port Authority president, Ignacio López-Chaves, went this morning to the Exhibition Centre to know about the assembly, because the Port of Vigo will receive in its booth the most of the conferences of NAVALIA.

Despite of Navalia 2012 wll be held in a crucial moment for the naval sector, most exhibitors have bet for design booths that will show the better of each one. This is the case of Grupo Emenasa that in this edition will show the blade of a 7 tones screw, with its wood cast, apart from motors and cranes. Other two interesting booths are Enor, which stand in inside an elevator for big vessels, and Gabadi which space is designed used two containers that include a meeting room and a complete cabin.
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