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The commercial mission of NAVALIA to Morocco ad exhibitors and a fishing ship-owners delegation

El Gobierno del país africano The African country government will support the renewal of its fleet financing up to 30% of the construction of new fishing vessels, an excellent opportunity to our shipyardsapoyará la renovación de su flota financiando hasta el 30% de la construcción de nuevos buques pesqueros, una excelente oportunidad para nuestros astilleros The last promotional activity of NAVALIA in Morocco before the inauguration of the exhibition was very positive for the organizers. After one week of meetings in Agadir and Casablanca, Javier Arnau, Manager of the event, confirmed this morning the presence in Vigo, from the 22nd to the 23rd of May, of one of the main repair shipyards of the country, CNAF (Chantier Naval Agadir Founty), located in Agadir. Other repair shipyards have also showed their interest in visiting the exhibition to meet new suppliers and to begin future collaborations. Spain is, nowadays, the main supplier of ship equips and systems of this city of Morocco, and this sense the companies of the area will take advantage to visit Navalia is getting closer with companies from Vigo.

From the meetings Arnau had had in Agadir the visit of a fishing ship owners delegation is also confirmed, leaded by the president of Chambre de Péschés Maritimes de'l Atlantique-Centre, Abderrahmane Sarroud, Abderrahmane Sarroud. In the meeting Sarroud said that his presence will have the aim ok meet new the shipyards of Vigo, mainly the fishing ones, to stuffy the possible construction of vessels. The Government of Morocco have already confirmed that it will support the renewal of its fishing fleet. This project foresees that the executive from Morocco finance the 30% of the new vessels construction. There will be 20 or 30 meters long vessels, most of them trawlers, with more than 40 years. The delegation also wants to include in their agenda visits to shipyards as well as meetings with ship owners from Vigo, the Port of Vigo, and the Galicia's government.

In this meeting between Javier Arnau and the board of directors from the Chambre de Péschés Maritimes de'l Atlantique-Centre, ship owners show their interest to build new generation vessels, that include new Technologies regarding energy efficiency. These businessmen believe that there will be around 30 vessels per year that will allow them to renew the country fleet.

Tha mission to Morocco end this morning with the visit to Casablanca. Javier Arnau met SCRA, that also show interest in visiting Navalia. The company that up to now order its vessels to Holland, know the excellent know how of our shipyards, and it wants to meet them. Arnau also met with the Regulation Regional Manager of Casablanca's port, Said Kaltoumi who is also interested in visiting NAVALIA 2012

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